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The Grand Debut of AIAC APAC Pre-Moot 2023 - 2024

Are you ready?
Join us on 3rd October 2023 as we make history with the unveiling of the AIAC APAC Pre-Moot!
Witness this groundbreaking collaboration between the Asian International Arbitration Centre and the Asia Pacific Vis Pre Moot Court as we set our sights on hosting the largest pre-moot in 2024.
Get ready for #AIACAPACPreMoot!
To join the session, just click
Save the date and watch this space for more information.

1st APAC training programme event 2021

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The program was led in two sessions - first session on ‘Brainstorming Session on Vis Moot’ by Mr. Harprabdeep Singh , Barrister-at-Law at Alan Leong, SC's Chambers, where sir shared his valuable tips on moot problem reading techniques and greatly emphasised upon getting the facts together properly. He also explained how to go about a case in its understanding, analysing, and researching while preparing arguments for the trial. When it comes to Oral rounds, his approach is to pay more attention to the controversial documents and having sit with a portion of streamlined data that comes out of the research process.

The other session particularly on ‘Research for Vis Moot’ by Mr. Lavesh Kirpalani , Barrister at Prince's Chambers, brought forward some new ideas and terminology on how to go about researching for a Vis moot. Lavesh shared his expert tips and tricks for researching efficiently. He also focused on necessity of background reading of important conventions and texts. The key takeaways from this session were research skills necessary to narrow down one’s search and researching in a profound manner, while updating oneself with the latest changes in law to ensure the necessary changes.

Both the sessions were an immensely helpful and learning time spent to those, willing to learn the art of researching for a moot in general and to get know the tips and tricks from such experts as to how does one go about while preparing for a moot and being equipped to come up with quality content.

Watch here: 

1st APAC training programme event 2021 GETTING STARTED

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The session was taken by Dr. Rajesh Sharma sir, who shared with the participants the initial prep strategies and how to read the problem, frame arguments. Dr. Sharma has coached ex-Vis champion teams so coming all this from that experience will be very valuable for teams preparing to contend in Vis moot , 2022.

Watch here -

1st APAC Launch event 2021

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This ceremony was the first step towards achieving our noble vision - Arbitration for ALL as we have made it a goal of diversity, dignity, and unity for all in the field of arbitration. The entire ceremony was made accessible to differently abled people as the entire session was interpreted in sign language to ensure that the all the viewers and arbitration enthusiasts do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity and to make ‘Arbitration for all’ in real sense. It successfully reflected how the Asia Pacific Vis Pre Moot will integrate Arbitration enthusiasts with any kind of disability from across the globe to understand the nuances of arbitration and participate in this Pre Moot. The esteemed speakers shared their wonderful experiences and ideologies behind the transpiration of this vision from being India centric to Asia Pacific.

Watch it here- 

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