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Bryan Richard. Head of BD, AIAC

Bryan Anthony Richard

Head of Business Development at the AIAC

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Bryan is the Head of Business Development at the AIAC. While his journey began in the legal field, he soon charted a different course, delving into business development, public policy, communications and event management. At the AIAC, he contributes to a team dedicated to fostering collaboration and promoting the Centre. Together, they strive to provide top-tier support for all events, launches, strategic partnerships, and communication functions.


In his previous role, he had the honour of being the first Malaysian to actively serve in the U.S. Department of Justice's overseas justice sector and bilateral capacity-building initiatives, receiving recognition through several prestigious awards along the way. Beyond his legal and international experience, Bryan possesses a versatile skill set developed in sales and marketing.


Striving to cultivate lasting relationships with key stakeholders is a cornerstone of his professional acumen. With his experience in four previous AIAC Pre-Moots, Bryan hopes to play a role in crafting the AIAC APAC PRE-MOOT into an event that elevates the overall experience for all participants.

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